Waterproof Tiled Interiors

Baths and Showers:  Spa Tile showers and baths are healthy and beautiful, because they are waterproof.  Our tile and grout dries quickly after use, because our substrate does not absorb or hold water.  Dry showers and tub-surrounds last longer and stay cleaner, than ones holding moisture between uses.  We provide modern, waterproof membranes and floor drains by Schluter Systems, because tiled baths and showers are our signature service.

Victorian Vestibules, Art Deco Lobbies:  Because, entry tile floors are also the highest-trafficked, they require the strongest installation and most considered design. We reproduce historic mosaics, collaborate with artists, and re-scale graphic images in tile.  The first steps in and out of a house, apartment or lobby deserve our best work.

Kitchens combine architectural woodwork with tile and stone.  Spa Tile designs kitchens for cooks and families, builds custom cabinets, and supplies stone and composite counters from local fabricators. Our kitchens are installed over leveled tiled floors, with waterproof and uncoupling membranes, closely in plane with adjacent rooms.

Small jobs:  We perform all interior tile installations: back splashes, table tops and mosaics are accepted according to availability.  Repairs are performed only where satisfactory results can be guaranteed.  

Schluter Systems, Waterproof and Uncoupling Membranes, Floor Drains: We selected this German manufacture for its Kerdi waterproof fabric, applied directly under tile on walls and floors, and Ditra uncoupling membranes, under floors, both introduced in 1987; floor Drains, 1991; and Kerdi-Board, 2010.

These innovations prevent leaks and mold, account for different expansion/contraction rates between tile and substrate, and send any and all water, poured on a tiled floor, quickly-down elegantly-simple single-stage drains.

All curb-less showers, and barrier-free or ADA compliant baths, designed by Green Mountain, are tiled over Schluter membranes.  Aaron Gruenberg trained at the Tile Council of North America, and became a certified Schluter installer in 2008, but neither he nor Green Mountain is affiliated with Schluter Systems L.P.

Other Interiors with Tile, Stone and Mosaics:  Spa Tile is available for educational and recreational institutions; residential steam rooms and saunas, wine cellars and laundries; laboratories, food and beverage facilities; museums.

Wedding Gifts: Spa Tile may be contracted for future work as custom-designed, artisanal, wedding gifts, such as: mosaic installations on tables and floors, Victorian or Art Deco reproductions, and other high-quality, home improvements.

Photo by   David Jacquot   ©2012

Photo by David Jacquot ©2012