Wiley to Forum August 27, 2013

"Hi All:

I’m writing to give a very positive recommendation for Aaron Gruenberg of Green Mountain Construction and Design.

Aaron recently completed an extensive renovation that I am very happy with.  Aaron worked from ground up replacing the sub floor and basically everything else. Space was very tight and Aaron’s planning, and well thought out design considerations really made the difference.

I’m pleased that my shower now uses a membrane system and that I no longer have a pan and a curb on the floor.

I chose Aaron for two primary reasons – the first was his craftsmanship, in this area he was exemplary and not a shortcut was taken. The second was communication. The nature of the project required someone that I could communicate with in a fluid way, an individual who could respond to my design requests and ideas and reflect back with thoughtful input, Aaron was top notch in this area."

Rob to future client, July 14, 2013:

"My wife and I had a great experience with Aaron personally and professionally. I see him quite often in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and I go out of my way to tell him that all the work he executed for us is intact, and still looks great.

Aaron confronted and solved technical challenges during the renovation of our bathroom and laundry.  My company works exclusively in the high-end, architectural, fabrication market and I am very well informed when it comes to craftsmanship and integrity, which is reflected in the end product.  Aaron and I aligned on all fronts.

It's funny you reached out, we just spoke about calling him to estimate our two other bathrooms."

Williamsburg Guys to,          October 17, 2011:

Very nice guy, worked very hard to get the job done right and – unlike many construction people we have dealt with in the past – he actually shows up every day and works all day, even when it rains or when it was almost 100 degrees! He even knows how to plaster using the real stuff and is excellent at it – his new plaster work blended right in with the 100 year old plaster.

Emily to Green Mountain, February 10, 2003:

"We were talking with someone in the building and when we mentioned we lived in 6J, she said 'Oh – you're the one with the fabulous bathroom.'"